War of Energies


3D Metaverse game

We have planned to develop a metaverse game that comes in three different versions. The first one, "War of Energies," enables players to create their own renewable energy farms and earn actual money by selling the energy produced. The second version is about players acting as consumers who use advanced machines to prepare land for their farms, which requires more energy as they expand. The third and most thrilling version will be a completely immersive metaverse experience that can be played with VR headsets. Our ultimate goal is to develop a game that operates without servers and lasts beyond human lifetimes

Upgrade your land

Build your own renewable energy farm, attack other players and defend yourself against other players' attacks, exchange generated energies with real money

Sell your land

Expand your farm, upgrade equipments and put it up for sale


The initial edition of our metaverse game, "War of Energies," allows players to increase their energy production by transforming RET into in-game energy. They can also purchase equipment and enhance it with the same energy, as well as convert the energy into RET tokens


The upcoming version of our metaverse game introduces Consumers who will assist in expanding your land by exchanging energy with you. This allows you to acquire more equipment and further enhance your gameplay. Additionally, the game's economy is influenced by the buying and selling of land, resulting in higher prices for larger and more equipped properties


In the third version, there is an entry into the Metaverse world where gamers can play with VR glasses

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